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Gunter is a Real Classic Rottweiler! He is the “Total Rottweiler” Multi V rated with his BST, He is a truly amazing dog, friend, confidant, protector. He is correct with deep rich mahogany and a beautiful head with kind dark eyes.

About Gunter Von Roush

He is a extremely athletic swimmer, that swims to the bottom of the pool for a toy and hangs out in the spa while we are at work. Gunter has a high play prey drive and truly enjoys working. He has a even temperament and is kind and trustworthy with children and can be aloof with strangers as a Rottweiler should be. Gunter is an absolutely amazing dog, highly intelligent with the kindest heart you can imagine in a K9. He is fast with excellent movement. He is the once in a lifetime dog!! Excellent Hips and elbows, Heart Normal, Thyroid Normal, JLPP Tested

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