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  • Breeding the Classic Beautiful Rottweiler

    Dedicated to producing well-rounded and versatile dogs that excel in various disciplines, including show, working, and family companionship.
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  • Puppies are Here!!!

    Freya and Ivar puppies will be ready March 17th and Abigail puppies will be ready April 20th.
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  • Introducing Our Stud Dog

    Ivar Von Der Hause Roush
    HD/ED:Free, JLPP: N/N OFA: Heart Normal: Thyroid Normal
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In-House Training

We are dedicated to producing well-rounded dogs. Their versatility, intelligence, and protective nature make them cherished family companions and dedicated guardians.

Fun Activities

Our Rottweilers excel in various fields such as conformation shows, obedience trials, and agility competitions. They never ceases to impress with their intelligence and athleticism.

Food & Nutrition

We sell high-level nutritional professional dog food for stamina and performance to keep your dog healthy. Contact our team for more information regarding available discounts.

About us

The Best for Your Pet!

Our commitment to responsible breeding practices make certain that each Rottweiler is carefully selected for its genetic soundness, intelligence, and trainability. We prioritize the overall well-being of our dogs, providing them with a loving and stimulating environment that fosters their physical and mental development.

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What Our Clients are Saying?

This kennel is producing quality puppies of correct temperament and type. They health test their breeding stock and stand behind the puppies they produce. They are active in the Rottweiler community and their dogs receive excellent results. I have had opportunity to live with and train a female from this kennel and this female has really impressed me as she is one of the most athletic Rottweilers I have ever known with beautiful structure and she is also very pretty. She is mentally clear in the head with balanced drives and is one of the smartest Rottweilers I have lived with. I would recommend this kennel to any home looking for a puppy for show, competitive obedience, agility, service, sport (IPO/IGP) or family companion. – Jane Mitchelmore

These dogs are beautiful and the process was very easy with Jessica you can see she truly cares about all her dogs and their puppies. Our daughter got a puppy here recently and could not be happier.

Ken & Vicki Orr

I bought a Rottweiler from them and he is almost seven months old now. His name is Cole. I cannot recommend these breeders any higher. She breeds TOP quality dogs. My dog is beyond smart and exhibits top quality traits. She follows up with her animals and can’t recommend and thank her enough.

Jeanene Crawford

Purchased Cole

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