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Abigail VDH Roush x Gunter V Roush puppies due January 2023


Abigail  (Esy From Naomis ROTT x Karl VH Neubrand II) is a beautiful classic Rottweiler. She is a strong working dog, extremely intelligent and athletic with an incredible play prey drive. Abbie has the ability to learn very quickly and absolutely wants to please. Abbie has a kind heart and a loving spirit. I absolutely love this girl she was raised here at Roush Rotts and she will be here all of her days! Abbie has passed her BST Breed Standard Test. Hips and elbows are clear, her heart and thyroid are normal. She is JLPP negative.


Gunter is a Real Classic Rottweiler! He is the “Total Rottweiler” Multi V rated with his BST, He is a truly amazing dog, friend, confidant, protector. He is correct with deep rich mahogany and a beautiful head with kind dark eyes. He is a extremely athletic swimmer, that swims to the bottom of the pool for a toy and hangs out in the spa while we are at work. Gunter has a high play prey drive and truly enjoys working. He has a even temperament and is kind and trustworthy with children and can be aloof with strangers as a Rottweiler should be.

Gunter is an absolutely amazing dog, highly intelligent with the kindest heart you can imagine in a K9.

Dog Breeder’s Comments

He is fast with excellent movement. He is the once in a lifetime dog!! Excellent Hips and elbows, Heart Normal, Thyroid Normal, JLPP Tested

Abbie and Gunter


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